Cycle brands: The cycle was developed in Europe in the nineteenth century for transportation purposes. The word “bicycle” comes from the words “bi,” which means “two,” and “cycle,” which means “circle.” This is because sams club gas price a bicycle has two wheels. After China, India is the world’s second-largest cycle producer. The majority of bicycles are transported to industrialized nations, primarily Africa. There are many brands on the market today; however, the top cycle brands in India in 2022 will be the focus of this article.

Contemporary cycles arrive in various styles for youngsters, ladies, grown-ups, wellness aficionados, mountain bikers, sightseers, roadies and BMX riders. 

In 2022, here are the top ten cycle brands in India.


HERO CYCLES Among Indian bicycle manufacturers, Hero is a well-known brand; It controls 48% of the market as a whole. Before establishing a cycle manufacturing facility in 1956, the business initially produced tiny cycle parts. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Hero Cycle is the best-known bicycle manufacturer in the world and one of the best-known brands in India. It has its main office in Punjab’s Ludhiana.

It has been operating in India for 60 years with a variety of models and has its headquarters in Punjab, where it exports to more than 70 nations. You won’t be disappointed; It has earned the moniker “Cycle of Life.”

ATLAS CYCLES Atlas, a reputable and well-known Indian bicycle manufacturer accredited by ISO 9001-2008, began manufacturing bicycles in 1951. Some of its most important product lines include fancy bikes, ladies’ bikes, children’s bikes, and roadsters. The company is able to produce more than 40 million bicycles annually. A never-ending zeal was sparked by the company’s capacity to produce 4 billion bicycles annually. Shri Janki Das Kapur established the business in 1965 and made it one of India’s largest automakers.

Avon Cycles Limited, which was established in 1951, is part of the Avon Group. Avon sells its products in the country through 12,000 sub-distributions and 2000 authorized dealers. The city of Ludhiana in Punjab is home to its bicycle manufacturing facility. The company has been producing bicycles of high quality since 1948 and has employed Tiger Shroff for its marketing campaigns. Avon is now one of the best cycle brands in India because the Pahwa family founded the company with the intention of making accessible mobility available to the general public.

The Birmingham Small Arms Company, also known as BSA/HERCULES, is a market leader in the manufacture of bicycles, weapons, and steel casting. The company was founded in 1861 and started doing business microfiber mop in India in 1949. The management and distribution of the bicycle industry in India are the responsibility of TI Cycles and the Murugappa Group. There are prominent bicycle manufacturers like BSA and Hercules. The Hercules cycles, named after the Greek hero, are built for tough battles and safety. It has wonderful stores all over the country and is a member of the Murugappa group.

FIREFOX Firefox offers kids’, mountain, road, BMX, and all-train bikes in its product line. It began operations in India in 2005, rose to prominence as the world’s leading bicycle manufacturer, and in 2006 formed a partnership with the Trek Bicycle Corporation in the United States. This company ships to most of the country and provides each customer with the best accessories and technician support. Their sincere “Everyday Ability” campaign is important for society.

One of India’s oldest bicycle manufacturers, TREK Trek has been in operation since 1976. The company sells a wide range of products, including mountain bikes, high-tech bicycles, and gear bicycles. It was founded in 1976 and has its main office in Waterloo, Iowa, in the United States.

Monta Cycles is a division of India’s TI Cycles (Tube Investment), which was established in 1949. Additionally, TI Cycles manufactures bicycles under the brands Philips, Hercules, and BSA. Montra is one of India’s most well-known bicycle manufacturers, offering a variety of styles including jazz A, country Titanium, blues, and techno. In India, this brand is well-known for its impressive selection of hybrid bikes. India’s TI Cycles owns this brand. Their designs are best suited for urban environments. Additionally available are mountain bikes. Montra’s RTB models are made for use on roads and in mountains.

LA SOVEREIGN La Sovereign, one of India’s leading bicycle manufacturers, is well-known for its high-tech mountain bikes, BMX bikes, off-road bikes, and road bikes. Businesses with roots in Thailand and India are working together on this partnership.

For the past forty years, this particular Thai brand has been operating in international markets. Through innovation, it aims to cut down on pollution and offer customers the most recent designs.

BSA LADY BIRD If you want to buy a bicycle for your young girl, you can’t go wrong with BSA Ladybird, one of the most well-known brands among Indian women and unquestionably one of the best bicycle brands in India. The Ladybird is a component of the BSA shop. Bicycles from this brand are made in India specifically for women. The bicycles, which are both elegant and attractive, were designed with women’s riding comfort in mind. The stylish BSA Ladybird bicycles also help the girls make a fashion statement.

The Mach City bicycle line made its debut in Indian markets at MACH CITY 2015 These bikes were made in a way that will encourage people to get back into cycling. The urban population is the brand’s intended customer base. In Mach City, hybrid bicycles are available for use on city streets. One of their most popular bikes is the iBike W Single Speed. The lightweight frame of this model is made of steel. Strong nylon is used to create these tires. This is a requirement for cities with frequently poor road conditions.

Foam is used to cushion the seat of this model. It has handlebars shaped like birds, making it easy to ride while seated. The thermoplastic rubber grips on the handlebar Because of this, it’s easy to hold the handlebars. An angled crossbar is one of its features. This makes it simple for women to sit on the cycle. Mach City has successfully entered the top 10 Indian cycle brands despite being relatively new. It has gained a lot of popularity in the Indian markets due to the high quality of its cycles.

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