Trekking Through Paradise: Kasol to Kheerganga Adventure


Nestled deep in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh lies the quaint village of Kasol. Known as the mini Israel of India due to the large number of Israeli tourists it attracts, Kasol is the perfect starting point for one of the most popular treks in the region – the trek from Kasol-Kheerganga Trek. Spanning 14kms, this moderate trek takes you through pine forests, across gurgling streams, and past grazing meadows, finally culminating at the sacred Kheerganga hot springs. The natural beauty and hippie vibe of the route makes it a must-do for any avid trekker.  

My journey began on a sunny September morning when my group left our homestay in Kasol. The fresh mountain air and warm rays of the rising sun energized us for the trek ahead. We crossed the bridge over the Parvati river, the gushing blue-green waters seeming to bid us farewell. The initial part of the trail wound through quaint villages, allowing glimpses into local life. We passed apple orchards, swaying wildflowers, and locals herding their cattle. An hour into the trek, we stopped for a brief break and were treated to the most delicious aloo parathas at a local dhaba. 

The next stretch took us into denser forests, the landscape becoming progressively steeper. The gurgle of the Parvati River flowing alongside the trail kept us company. We encountered several other trekking groups, exchanging notes on the route. The tranquility of the woods was broken only by the chirping of colourful Himalayan birds. We caught our breaths at Barshaini, the last major village enroute Kheerganga. Fortifying ourselves with lemon tea and sandwiches, we soldiered on.

Kheerganga: A Challenging Ascent, Serene Meadows, and Ethereal Hot Springs

The final 4kms to Kheerganga were the most challenging but also the most scenic. The trail rose sharply through verdant forests, the trees so tall they blocked out the sky. We navigated tricky sections where the path was reduced to rubble due to landslides. The fresh mountain air energized us whenever our spirits flagged. After a steep final ascent, we were rewarded with the sight of the Kheerganga meadows. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, the expansive green meadows looked straight out of a postcard. Excited trekkers milled about, settling into the cosy cafes and camps dotting the landscape.

We too found a campsite to make our base for the night. After freshening up and grabbing a bite, we headed to the highlight of Kheerganga – the hot springs. Seated on the banks of the Parvati river, the sulphur-laden hot springs are considered therapeutic. We soaked our tired limbs in the warm waters, the aches from the trek melting away. Dipping in the springs as the sun gently set over the mountains was an ethereal experience. 

The next morning, we awoke before dawn to catch the sunrise over the Himalayan peaks. As the first rays kissed the snowy tips, the entire valley came alive in gorgeous hues of pink, orange, and gold. We finally tore ourselves away from the entrancing sight to begin the descent to Kasol. The 14km downhill trek was easier on our legs but the views kept us enchanted. 

Traversing the Enchanted Path: A Journey from Kasol to Kheerganga and Beyond

Walking leisurely, we relished the pristine forested landscapes. We passed fellow trekkers chattering animatedly, recounting stories from their uphill climb the previous day. Stopping for paneer maggi and tea breaks fueled us for the rest of the downhill trek. By late afternoon, we found ourselves back in Kasol, sore limbs but enriched with memories to last a lifetime.

The captivating trek from Kasol to Kheerganga takes you through some of the most serene landscapes in Himachal. One travels through lush green forests and meadows, soaking in hot springs, before returning refreshed and rejuvenated. The hippie culture of Kasol provides the perfect base and end to this incredible adventure. The trek offers breathtaking Himalayan views, therapeutic hot springs, and a surreal trekking experience. If you haven’t already, add this trek to your bucket list now for a taste of paradise!

While the trek from Kasol to Kheerganga is usually done as a two day trip, there are options to extend it or do a variation of the route. If you have more time, you can camp for a night at Grahan village located midway on the trail. This allows you to split the 14km trek into two days, spending a night in the peaceful village surrounded by alpine forests. 


Another alternative is to start the trek from Barshaini rather than Kasol. This reduces the total trek distance to 10kms. Barshaini situated at the confluence of Parvati and Tosh rivers also serves as a crossing point for the Pin Parvati pass trek. If you are staying in Tosh village, starting the trek from Barshaini is more convenient.

You can also extend your trip by spending a couple more nights at Kheerganga after the ascent. Instead of heading back the next day, relax for a few days at Kheerganga soaking in the hot springs. Day hikes to the nearby villages of Nakthan and Tunda Bhuj let you explore quaint hamlets. The vibrant cafes at the Kheerganga meadow are ideal places to unwind and meet fellow trekkers.  

Whether you take the standard route or customise it, the Kasol to Kheerganga trek is the perfect blend of nature, spirituality, and adventure. The pristine landscapes and hippie vibes of Parvati valley weave a magical charm sure to enchant any nature lover and trekker.


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