What Everyone Loves About the Kizer Begleiter

Ask a knife collector what his or her opinion on the best Kizer knife is and you’re going to hear Begleiter come up a statistically significant number of times.

There are some good reasons for its popularity and it’s not all hype, so let’s investigate some of these reasons that have made the Kizer Begleiter a hit.

There’s More Than One Size Available

One, there’s more than one size of Kizer Begleiter available. The standard size has a 4.5” closed length with a 3.5” blade, which is good for most folks for EDC.

But there is also a Kizer Begleiter Mini (overall length 6.65”, blade length 2.91”) as well as a Begleiter XL (overall length 9”, blade length 3.91”).

All of them feature the same basic ergonomics and advantages, making this variability extremely popular.

It’s Nearly Completely Customizable in Aesthetics

Don’t like an all-black Begleiter? Get something else. Whatever your favorite color is, there’s a Begleiter in that color, and a wide range of Begleiters with handle scales in eye-catching colors and patterns as well.

There’s a Fixed Version

Are you one of those guys that thinks folders are “pre-broken”? You’re not alone, and Kizer has listened.

They made a fixed version of the Begleiter (which comes with a MOLLE- and scout carry-compatible sheath).

It features everything that makes the Begleiter great, and then some, making it perfect as a trunk knife, for backpackers, hikers, hunters, and other outdoorsmen – not to mention, it’s a lot tougher than the folding version.

Multiple Blade Steels and Lock Types Are Available

This is arguably the main reason to love the Kizer Begleiter.

First, let’s talk about blade steels. There is a wide range of different Begleiters available, almost all of them made with super steels such as 154CM, 20CV, N690, or S35VN, all of which offer excellent toughness, edge retention, and remarkable corrosion resistance. The fixed version mentioned above has a D2 blade; not ideal for corrosion, but still wicked tough and capable of holding a razor edge.

The standard Begleiter features a liner lock, but Kizer has also come out with a “Begleiter 2” that features a button lock –  and this lock type is strong, easy to use, left and right-friendly, and safer than liner and frame locks.

Also, the Begleiter is available with extremely durable handle scales of multiple materials, such as carbon fiber, Micarta, raffir, titanium, and more.

It Doesn’t Seem Designed to Cater to Any Specific Trend

If you look at a catalog of new knives, an appreciable portion of them will cater to trends. You will notice bar locks, sheepsfoot-bladed pocket cleavers, karambit-style blades, and needle points.

The Kizer Begleiter honestly has a pretty simple aesthetic, with a straight-backed blade and boxy handle dynamics that are neither flashy nor unctuous.

There’s very little flash factor, but when it comes to practicality, the Begleiter is a solid choice.

The Design Is Basic, But Effective, with Simple Yet Practical Ergonomics

As stated, there’s nothing about the Begleiter that’s peculiar or ostentatious. It has a generic blade shape and handle scales. It’s not too large or too small.

But it is comfortable to carry and use. It has a deep-carry pocket clip, tough scales, a lanyard hole, a smooth action, and (regardless of your version’s lock type) a solid lock.

It just works, and it’s great as an EDC knife.

Where Can You Get a Kizer Begleiter?

Interested in getting a Kizer Begleiter for your collection (or back pocket)? Visit White Mountain Knives at the previous link and take a look through their collection.

They carry a bunch of different Begleiters (plus many other Kizer knives) on their website, offer competitive pricing, and all orders in the United States get free shipping. Update your collection today.

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