What Makes An Executive Master’s Degree Different From an MBA?

executive master's degrees

What exactly is an executive master’s degree, and how does it differ from an MBA? An executive master’s degree is designed for working professionals in their mid-career. Business institutions primarily give executive master’s degrees but they can also be offered by communication and health schools.

Executive master’s degrees differ from standard MBAs in that they are designed for working professionals and provide a greater range of enrollment opportunities. While their teaching techniques are frequently similar to those of an executive MBA, executive masters are specialist programs that provide targeted education in a certain subject area instead of the MBA, which provides general knowledge related to any career subject.

Is an executive master’s degree right for me?

Mid-career executives wanting to expand their expertise and strengthen their managerial skills may consider earning an executive master’s degree. Most candidates want to grow their responsibilities, take on more responsibility, and advance their careers. Because some subject knowledge is expected or required, students often have three to four years of job experience, and the majority, if not all, continue to work full-time. This allows you to develop your career without incurring the opportunity cost of lost wages.

What is the curriculum for an executive master’s program like?

The curriculum for the executive master’s degrees focus on a specific area of interest and cover strategic themes for solving difficulties in that field. Many top business schools offer programs in areas such as leadership, human resources, sustainability, and information technology. Programs designed for working professionals frequently follow a part-time model, including convenient instruction options.

You can attend lectures, self-paced, online work, and evening and weekend classes. The length of your degree depends on the requirements of your program, but most take two or more years to finish.

How might an executive master’s degree benefit me?

An executive master’s degree is a professional business school degree usually offered in a convenient, part-time arrangement, allowing you to work while attending school. These programs are designed for those with a lot of experience and provide a leadership-based curriculum that will help you advance your career and get a promotion or take on additional managerial duties.

Your batchmates are likely to be other mid-to senior-level professionals who will provide you with their experience of their work profession, where you will acquire exposure to various industries and job responsibilities, which will broaden your network horizon.

How can I apply for an executive master’s degree?

Once you’ve picked your target colleges, review their admissions standards and start assembling your application. Then, register for the Executive Assessment (EA), the preferred entry exam for professional graduate business degrees, by completing your profile on mba.com. The EA allows for flexible scheduling, involves little preparation, and lasts only 90 minutes. 

Finally, think about how you’ll pay for business school; the cost of an executive-level degree is comparable to that of other professional business master’s programs. Investigate your funding possibilities and begin discussions with your job and family about how you will match your new academic duties with work and family life.


We can say that executive master’s degrees are a growing graduate business degree that provides a way to formalize your professional experience. These degrees provide specialized knowledge on a particular subject while saving time and effort in teaching matters related outside their course, thereby saving time for mid-career working professionals.

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