When is best season to go Goa?

Goa is all about letting time slip away. Where you party the night away, never knowing when the sun sets and the stars rise out. Goa’s bustling beaches and the positive attitudes of its many visitors give off the impression that something amazing is always going to occur. Goa is buzzing with activity all the time. A tropical paradise that is like a party to which everyone is invited, where day and night blend into an endless journey of rest and renewal. But Goa is also worth venturing out of the agitated masses and spending time just yourself or a special someone in charming, unique cafes. It’s all about seizing the moment and blocking out the noise of the numerous individuals in your immediate vicinity. Goa is, in a nutshell, the quiet and the pandemonium.

Goa’s seasons bring out a variety of colors. You are completely free to choose which shade you wish to see. Goa has something new to offer in every season. All the information you might need to select the best time to travel is available to you right here. The safety measures you need to take both before and during your travel are also listed for you.

Seasonal Ahead: November through March

Season of the Shoulders: April and October

Seasonal Delay: May to September


Wintertime Goa (November to March)

Temperature: Throughout the winter, the outside air temperature varies from 21°C to 32°C.

Weather: As winter approaches, the remnants of the rainfall give way to an array of green hues. The sun’s warm beams caress your skin while brisk winds dance with your hair. With a clear sky overhead, you inhale the aroma of the salty sea, yearning for adventure. The greatest time for touring Goa is in the winter, when the weather is lovely. Due to the pleasant weather that greets the start of the peak season, tourists begin to flood in. Goa in wintertime is all about long, late evenings that evoke longings for sitting by the water’s edge, a light shawl around you in a warm embrace while you take in the sound of the waves lapping against the rocks.

Important events: With the favorable weather, there are many events and festivals taking place, drawing visitors from across the world. This is possibly the best time for anyone to go outside and get acquainted with the environment. You can feel the joy in the air when you gallivant around Goa during the winter. Goa’s numerous churches appear breathtakingly gorgeous at night, their walls resonating with the sound of songs heralding the approach of Christmas. Goa celebrates a number of festivals that are essential to the local way of life in addition to Christmas. This season’s major attraction is the Goa Carnival, which takes place in February. There is only one rule for this carnival: leave your concerns at home and prepare to enjoy incredible food, dancing, music, and entertainment. Musical parades in the capital are not like any other celebration; they never fail to draw attention. You are always advisable to book hotels and self drive cars in Goa in advance.

Why you ought to go right now: This season is all about packed, lit-up streets; it’s about watching people riding scooters by you, whether they are visitors or locals, and spending the evening dancing with the people you love. Goa is often warm and vulnerable to intense sunrays, but this time of year brings some relief to the memories of good times. Don’t let your inner explorer down while you experience the exhilaration of aquatic activities at Agonda Beach or the Mahdei River.

Things to know prior you go: If you want to experience Goa’s much-discussed nightlife, we suggest that you go to the north or south if you’re searching for tranquility. Remember that Goa is closed in the afternoon from 1 to 4 pm. Therefore, make appropriate travel plans.

Advice: Make sure you reserve your tickets well in advance because this is the busiest time of year. Consider the weather when deciding on your schedule and activities. Be careful to carry sunglasses, sunscreen, and clothing for both warmth and cool temperatures. Bring some swimwear, sandals, and flip-flops.

Goa during the June to August monsoon

Temperature: During the monsoon season, the air temperature varies from 24°C and 30°C.

Weather: Goa experiences periodic downpours, a light drizzle, and the possibility of thunderstorms throughout the monsoon season. Goa is a gift for all those who enjoy the outdoors, with the aroma of the sea blending with the earthy scent of the rains. The chilly, pleasant nights offer some reprieve from the humidity of the days.

Important events: Goa’s enthusiasm remained unfazed by a little rain. There are plenty of festivals and events to keep visitors from around the world entertained in this Party State.  The Patolleanchem Feast is a feast for anyone with a sweet tooth and one of the primary attractions during this time of year. The ingredients of patollea are rice, jaggery, and coconut. This celebration, which takes place on August 15, features local handicrafts on exhibit all day long in addition to this delicacy. Bonderam, a festival held at the Divar islands 12 kilometers from Panjim, is another event that takes place at this time of year. This celebration features vibrantly colored costumes worn by animated audiences, accompanied by music. In this instance, the flags are brought down in mocking of the days of fighting between the village’s districts during the Portuguese era, using berries and toys made from bamboo stems.

Why you ought to go right now: This time of year, the rains bring out the splendor of this tropical paradise, revealing every hue of green. Now is a great time to see Goa in all its splendour. Goa won’t be as congested as it would be otherwise because the tourist season isn’t at its height. You therefore do have some discretion. Visit the Dudhsagar Waterfalls to experience the monsoon’s enchantment. To gain a decent perspective of the falls, if you’re feeling particularly daring, you could hike the routes through the jungle and cross the raging river streams. Alternatively, ride the train and admire the breathtaking majesty of the falls. You can book car rental at Goa airport for hassle free transport within Goa,

Summertime Goa (March to May)

Temperature: During the summer, the air temperature varies between 25°C to 35°C.


Weather: Goa’s summertime weather consists of strolling along the shoreline while watching the sunrise, tanning on the sand beaches, and cooling off with a refreshing drink to avoid the heat. But if you want to take on a challenge and believe that a little warmth never hurt anyone, try out some water sports like jet skiing, scuba diving, and snorkeling! But for protection, always remember to pack sunglasses and sunscreen.

Important events: Goa is content with its reputation as a less touristic and more peaceful time of year. If you want to visit Goa in the summer, there are a lot of festivals to choose from. Goa’s equivalent of Holi, the Shigmo Festival, is one of the season’s major attractions. The Sao Joao Festival, which takes place in June, is another well-known celebration. This holiday is actually commemorated in a somewhat unusual way—Goans jump into wells to rejoice! But there’s more to it than that; many offer prayers in the hopes of having a wonderful monsoon. Additionally, the people chant traditional songs to promote a bountiful harvest.

Why you ought to go right now: This is the ideal time to visit Goa if you would rather take the less-traveled route. Goa’s summertime offerings include half-empty beaches, charming cafes, and palm trees that wave in the breeze. A peaceful quietness permeates the space, creating opportunities for several discussions. In Goa, summertime is all about limitless opportunities. Additionally, now is the ideal time to shop because markets are giving incredible deals that you should not miss. Just go for self drive cars in goa airport and enjoy this sun kissed state.

Points to know before you go: Because this is the off-season, make sure to look for any discounts that might be offered. Make sure to consider the weather while planning your schedule and activities. Make sure you always protect yourself from the heat by wearing hats and sunglasses. Try going outside after 4 p.m.

Carry cool, cotton clothing as a tip. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, juice, or coconut water to prevent dehydration caused by the heat. Try going early in the morning if you intend to participate in water activities.

Pre-visit advice: Before purchasing your tickets and lodging, remember to check the weather forecast. Select a hotel that is easily accessible and in a convenient location. In the event that you intend to visit isolated locations and beaches, bring some cash. Keep an eye out for any lodging deals as this isn’t exactly the busiest time of year. Book your car rental at mopa airport in advance.

Advice: Always bring a lightweight jacket. When you are going outside, make sure you have wind cheaters, sunscreen, athletic shoes, insect repellent, and torches with you.

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