Which is the Best Fleet Management Software For all Vehicles

best fleet management software for all vehicles

While looking for the best fleet management software that is equally good for tracking all vehicle types, the best trick is to look for a software system that meets all your needs.

First things first, you must be clear in your head about what you are looking for in software. What types of vehicles are going to be in your fleet? What industries you are willing to serve?  Once you have answers to these questions then it’ll become far easier for you to narrow down your options.

Let’s consider the fleet monitoring software vehicle-wise.

Fleet Management Software for Trucks

Most fleet monitoring software systems are designed keeping in mind trucks of all types. All thanks to the dominance of road freight in Indian logistics. Make sure that not just the normal trucks but also the temperature-regulated reefers can also be monitored with the fleet tracking software solution you choose.

Primary features that you shall look for in a fleet management software means for trucks are status monitoring that includes overspeeding, ignition on/off, etc. Other than this travel history report, route deviation alerts, vehicle safety features such as immobilisation, parking more and battery disconnection alarms are also quite essential.

Primary solutions that you must look for in the software:

  • Route planning Solutions
  • Fuel Monitoring Solutions
  • Asset Management Solutions
  • Driver Behaviour Analysis

Fleet Monitoring Platform for Rented Cars

Well, to be honest, the list of primary features in the vehicle tracking software for rented cars and bikes would be the same. However, the operations of a rented vehicle company are different from a logistics fleet business. In the supply chain and logistics transport management system there is an added responsibility for the consignment they carry other than just the vehicle and the driver.

With rented vehicles, you are primarily tracking the vehicle and the driving behaviour of the rider/driver. Hence, more than minute-to-to visibility, how the vehicle has been driven, how much distance it covered, the terrain it was driven in, etc. are the more important metrics to measure. So that every time the vehicle gets hit or exceeds the speed limit the software triggers an alert.

For locally permitted vehicles, it’s essential to set the boundary for the customers. If a commercial bike only has a permit within the state limits. In such cases, the software must be equipped enough to generate instant alerts so that managers can call the customer to stay within the state borders.

Solutions and features essential in a vehicle tracking platform for rental cars:

Fleet Management platform for JCB, Earthmovers and Construction Vehicles

What would you expect in fleet tracking software for construction vehicles? Apparently, it must track moveable and immovable equipment with equal efficiency. While with trucks and rental vehicles it’s definitely more about mobility with construction fleet monitoring it’s more about engine hours.

Yes, real-time visibility is essential for equipment safety and site allocation to each vehicle. Sensor integration is also a crucial requirement in the industry. Whereas tyre pressure monitoring, temperature sensors, and load sensors are some of the most commonly used sensors, in h reconstruction space tilt angle sensors, rotation sensors and fuel sensors play a crucial role.

When you look for fleet management software equally efficient for monitoring construction fleets, it must be equally efficient in monitoring vehicles, earth movers and generators alike.

Essential features in a construction fleet monitoring software solution:

Fleet Monitoring Software for Bikes

I sit possible to track a bike with the help of GPS Tracking Software? Yes, it is. TrackoBit has been tracking bikes and other two-wheelers from its early days. The operations and metrics to measure are similar for both cars and bikes. However, there are minor changes that fleet managers have to manage at their levels such as overspeeding limits and limited sensor installation. Having said that, basic metrics also get altered as the bike would not have the same ETA as that of a car or a truck.  The system must be potent enough to understand and implement these changes.

Considering the business model of your clients and the requirements, further alterations can be done to the software. If the tracking is happening with the help of a mobile phone and not the tracker then in that case vehicular metrics go out of option anyway. Speed, location and other measures are presented with respect to the rider who is riding the bike and not the vehicle.

In the latter, a few driver behaviour metrics and vehicular insights go out of option but the basic purpose of tracking and visibility are solved.

Fleet Tracking Platform for Public Transports and Buses

With public transport and buses, the primary purpose of the vehicle system is to ensure passengers’ safety. Another biggest factor to take into consideration is the routing of buses. Mileage, the distance travelled, route deviation etc. is essential but secondary to the objective mentioned earlier.

Under AIS 140 compliance all the tracking devices installed in the commercial vehicle must be AIS 140 compliant. There should be an SOS button in every vehicle or device. Other essential features include 90 days of data storage in the cloud.

Essential features a public transport management software must have:

Fleet Management Platform for Farm Vehicles

Vehicles used on farms are different from the ones you commonly see on the roads. Tractors are the driving vehicles that have the option to attach and detach various equipment at the back of it to get different tasks done on the field. In order to manage the agricultural fleet efficiently. It is essential that the software provider is well aware of the use cases.

More than distance travelled, driver behaviour and trip management it’s the farm activities that need to be tracked and monitored. Calculating the area farmed, how long it took for the worker to plough a certain patch, the average tilling speed of the farm workers, their working hours of the vehicle, etc.

Features the farm fleet management software must have:

  • Cultivated Area Analysis
  • Geofencing
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Sensor Integrations

Is there a Fleet Management Platform that can fit all the Bills?

Yes, there is! TrackoBit is can customise gps tracking software solutions to whatever use cases you throw their way. They have custom designed their software according to 40+ types of vehicles.

If you want to learn more about TrackoBit, talk to their sales and marketing experts here.

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