Why Does Your Business Needs a High Brightness Screen?

High-brightness screen

A high-brightness screen is used to present your business’s digital signage to everyone who walks past the storefront of your business. As the name, these screens are usually placed in the front of a business facing the outside, with the aim of attracting the attention of customers in the business area. 

Unlike consumer-grade screens, high-brightness displays with digital signage are designed to produce high-brightness screen levels. This ensures that the content is readable even in direct sunlight. These digital signs are displaying in mostly retail, where organizations will use them to entice customers to enter their brand and make purchases.

High-brightness screen can significantly impact your footfall as 76% of shoppers enter a new store based on its signage alone. So these displays can give you an increased opportunity to sell with all the extra clients you can attract to your brand. 

Major Trends In High Brightness Screen For 2023

Using the right type of sign attracts more customers and gives them a good impression of your company. While the wrong sign is costing you money and can stop your business growth.

A University of Cincinnati study found that nearly 60 percent of businesses acclaimed that changing the sign design or increasing the visibility of their business signage had a good impact on customer growth. 

Bright business signs have many benefits for business owners. They can improve business visibility which results in increased profits and sales.

Here are some high-brightness screen trends you can expect in 2023:

Commercial-Grade Outdoor Display

These high-brightness outdoor signs are made for using commercial-grade LCD panels that have brightness levels of 2,500 – 3,000 nits, suitable for 24-hour operation and an anti-reflective surface. The touchscreen with PCAP Touch Foil technology offers up to 10-point multi-touch functionality behind a toughened glass fascia. 

The Development Of Holographic Advertising

The digital signage market is revolutionizing due to the rise of holographic advertising and artificial intelligence as a whole. Sign makers near me introduced deploying holographic performances of businesses and late musicians using holographic outlines for live meetings. 

This digital screen technology allows you to display objects and images in 3D with movement and interaction. The hologram campaign had launched to wish the students well. To achieve this goal, marketers presented a hologram of the boy band DISH singing a good luck song to consumers’ phones.

Hologram ads pique the user’s curiosity without a doubt providing an engaging experience that instantly stops an individual in their tracks. This type of advertising can create a “viral” effect and in 2023 and any business owner who wants to spread brand awareness will use this technology.

Instant Customization

You can use a CMS to check what content is displaying at any given time. With a CMS like PeakSignage, once your digital signage display is connecting to a cloud-based system, you make a schedule for what content will be shown at what time.

However, if you need any changes or want to add some new content, you can do so right away. If you’re using a cloud-based CMS, you need to log in with a browser on any device and upload new content within the content creator. 

You can then push it to your digital display and your display will update instantly. For example, if your data shows that a certain item isn’t selling well. Then you can make that item more prominent and then add that content to your displays.

One of the main advantages of this easy update system is that it doesn’t block your content. Traditional displays leave empty space that results in a potential loss in sales. So, the businesses are unable to assist with anything in the meantime. 

A digital high-brightness screen can stop showing the current content until you end up updating it on the CMS. At this point, the screen will instantly start showing the new content.

Slim And Robust Design With Excellent Visibility

The slim and robust display designs are easy to install while meeting customer requirements. This outdoor sign can handle every type of environment and its high-brightness display will attract your customer’s attention, even in direct and strong sunlight.


Digital signage has become a popular investment today.  Especially as consumers move back outside and employees return to the office, even in a hybrid condition. 

As businesses see the value of digital signage, year-on-year growth is expecting with new technological advancements. Some typical trends include engaging in-store advertising, digital menu boards,  kiosks, video walls, and wayfinding signage. 

However, the sign makers near me are active to make new technologies that you can expect to see in 2023. So, if you want to stand out from your competition keep researching the top digital display trends.

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