You Should Avoid These At All Costs before Full Body Liposuction

Liposuction involves you to visit a hospital and undergo surgery, so naturally, the thought makes people nervous. You know that a plastic surgeon is going to create incisions on your body and flush out the fat accumulations. You generally ask the doctor about the things that you should do to prepare for liposuction, but you forget what not to do.

It is more important to learn about the don’t before the dos. In this topic, you will learn everything that you should refrain from before Full Body Liposuction Korea. An efficient surgeon will also inform you about the dos, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Medication and shaving

There is a high possibility that your surgeon will ask you about any and every drug that you take on a regular basis. If you have high blood pressure, it is understandable you will take medicines every day. Therefore, never hide the drugs that physicians prescribe you for any conditions that you have, which is more vital for you to consider than body contouring Korea.

For example, meds like ibuprofen and aspirin can cause excessive bleeding during the procedure. Next comes the clause of shaving, and you can get rid of hair from your armpits and legs. If the area of incision remains hairy, then there is no problem; otherwise, bacteria can enter your bloodstream through the incision, which was probably present on the razor that you used.

Driving and dieting

An expert surgeon of Full Body Liposuction Korea will always advise you to avoid driving to the hospital alone. You should let someone, a friend or a family member accompany you. On completion of the treatment, you will experience a certain level of tenderness which can and will affect your driving. You should refrain from public transportation as well because those are hots pots for germs.

Some people end up crash dieting when feeling excited about losing all that fat to maximize the results. You should never do that as the food that you eat provides energy. Less assessment of strength means that your healing process will suffer and slow down. You have to preserve as much energy as possible even if it is cosmetic surgery.

The deadly killer of today

Apart from obesity, one of the most notorious killers around is cigarettes. Besides cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular issues, smoking can cause several other problems. You can set aside the long-term effects and conceptualize that smoking can impact the surgery adversely. It is more important to stay away from the stick than worrying about the body contouring cost.

Reputable medical centers try to keep the expenses as low as possible. You have to understand that smoking restricts blood flow and puts you at the risk of bleeding during the process. Keep away from cigarettes a month before the surgery and another month after the procedure.

The perfect recipient

The final thing about liposuction that you have to think about is your candidature. If you are an individual having an excess of thirty to forty pounds of body weight, then you are the right candidate. Patients without significant amounts of fat are not fit for the full body fat loss process. The surgery involves your surgeon to use a cannula to pump out fat cells from the stomach, love handles, calves, ankles, thighs, arms, neck, back, saddlebags, breasts, and hips.


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