A New Ally in the Fight Against ADHD Procrastination

I am always fascinated by Adderall new technologies and strategies to ease the burden for those suffering from ADHD. Mobile phones for instance offer digital calendars, Buy Adderall Online with alarms and reminders. Yet they also have they are also home to TikTok and YouTube that can create more of a hindrance than an aid. One tool which has been gaining a lot of traction in the last few years is the artificial intelligence (AI). Like cell phones that allow the use of TikTok, AI has its disadvantages, Adderall too. These include ethical questions regarding the data that it is based on and how it’s likely to affect our lives in the near future in ways that might not be beneficial (let’s not discuss as a threat to humanity in this blog post).


AI has grown from a sci-fi notion to an actual tool that we employ every day. It helps us manage our schedules as well as remind us of the most important tasks, and provide assistance for complex writing tasks as well as computer-generated coding. For people who suffer from ADHD who have a hard time with procrastination and task initiation it can be a game changer. AI can create the first draft of an idea. Beginning the editing process for the writing piece is typically easier than writing the first draft. It can reduce the cognitive aspect of the job and can aid in overcoming the dreadful sensation of beginning an activity that’s not thrilling.

In the last few months, I’ve talked about AI with a few clients of mine. ADHD Therapy clients. One of them used AI to aid in computer programming; another utilized AI to create a draft bio and description of their services on their site (it was flawless). Another company has utilized AI to assist in composing the research articles they need to study for a course. I’ve utilized AI to write blog posts as well as create the artwork of each blog article.

Let’s look at the ways AI can help in completing ten writing tasks that those who suffer from ADHD often have difficulty with:

Writers’ Emails 

AI could assist in streamlining the writing process by providing auto-complete tips to speed up writing process and decrease the cognitive burden.

essay writing: 

Artificial intelligence can help you structure essays, dividing the job into manageable chunks and providing prompts to get going.

Work Reports 

Artificial Intelligence assists in organizing data, creating graphs, and supplying templates for reporting formatting.

Writing A Dissertation or Thesis 

AI can assist in managing the overall structure of these long documents, by ensuring that all required sections are logically organized and included.

Writing Novels or Books:

AI helps in the development of characters as well as plot structure as well as continuity check.

Creativity Writing AI offers writing exercises or concepts for stories, characters and setting. AI can also create perfect haikus, poems, and limericks.

The writing of blog posts: AI instruments can help generate post concepts, suggest keywords for SEO, and give suggestions on how to structure the article. They can even write the first draft!

Making a CV or resume:

 AI can help you with templates, to determine the extent of your accomplishments and offer suggestions to improve the quality of your resume.

writing cover letters:

AI can assist in tailoring cover letters to job advertisements. Making sure that key words and phrases from the job description are included.

Making Social Media Content: 

AI can generate ideas for content, give hashtag ideas. As well as plan posts to coincide with the best timings.Improving Text Text. Text can be copied into the text prompt box. And edited or proofread by an AI. I can alter the text in various styles. Like informal, friendly or affluent.we can also reduce or extend text into as many paragraphs or phrases a user would like.There are also AIs that create images, Buy Adderall such as that I use for this blog post, that respond to written requests by displaying images.

While AI isn’t able to replace human abilities to think and create (yet) but it does assist in the management of difficult tasks. I’m breaking them down into manageable components.It is a great beginning point for overcoming the habit of procrastination. For people who suffer from ADHD this could significantly lessen the anxiety. Stress that are often associated with task-related initiation. Which can result in greater efficiency using ChatGPT. I am using this version for paid users to get access the more sophisticated GPT-4 model to make. Use of Dall-E’s image-generating AI.For those with more technical skills Click here to find out the basics of Midjourney image-generating. This is the software I’m using now myself

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