How To Fix Instagram Crashing on iPhone and Android

Instagram Crashing

A bug is generated on mobile phones due to which Instagram is being crashed. Many of the users get frustrated while using Instagram. They usually log in to the account through a browser but the offers provided while using apps are not provided on the browser. Due to this most of the users are having questions about why does Instagram keeps crashing iPhone and Android. There are several ways to fix it. Some of the steps are listed below:

Methods to Fix Instagram Crashing on iPhone and Android

Here are several ways to fix Instagram that keeps crashing that you can use.

1. Check your internet connection: 

Before solving any issue, you have to make sure that you have a proper internet connection. If you do not have a proper internet connection then Instagram will not work or download properly. You must change your network or wait till your current network becomes strong. When the connection becomes strong then you may try again.

2. Turn airplane mode on/ off: 

You have to turn airplane mode on/off the airplane mode just for seconds so that the issues can be resolved. By doing this you will be disconnected from the network connections and problems can be fixed. 

3. Force quit and restart Instagram: 

any app would crash when you left it running in the background. Restarting and quitting forcefully can help you to get rid of the errors. 

4. Check Instagram server status: 

If you see that your Instagram is not working properly, then it can be because the server or the app is in maintenance. 

5. Check and manage your iPhone’s storage: 

If your iPhone storage is limited then your Instagram would be crashing again and again. To check the storage of your mobile phone, you have to visit the settings page of your mobile phone. Then go to general and select the iPhone storage option from the list. You have to check the storage you have used and delete the unnecessary apps from the iPhone to get free space.

6. Restart your device: 

To fix the problems, the user can even restart the iPhone. This is one of the beneficial methods when you are facing various issues while using the Instagram app.

7. Update Instagram app:

If your app is not that compatible, then you can update the version of the app. You have to visit the app store and click on the profile icon. Look for the Instagram icon and see if any update is available. May your all crashing issues be fixed.

8. Update your iOS: 

It is very crucial to update your iOS version to resolve all the issues. You have to go to the settings page and then move to the general page. Select the software update option. Then click on the download option to update the version.


Instagram is the most used app nowadays. The person gets exhausted when the Instagram app keeps crashing. The user has to make sure that the mobile is updated with the apps and versions so that Instagram or other apps cannot crash. If you are not able to resolve the issue then you may reach out to Instagram support directly.  For more information you may also visit the official website of

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