What Are The 7 Stages Of Essay Writing?

Academic Writing
Academic essays are narrowly focused pieces of writing that support an argument or theory through analysis, interpretation, and data. When you are a student, you may write various articles. Your level will determine the length and topic of your essay.

Your Subject:

The first step in any essay writing is very important. Choosing a topic is frequently made easier when teachers assign particular subjects. It’s a whole different story when it comes to the processes involved in producing an essay on a subject of your own choosing.

A Sketch:

Writing an outline is the following stage. You must first organize your thoughts. The advancement of choosing a topic in the steps to writing an essay expands into the realm of creating an outline, which is a crucial phase in the procedure. The goal here is to organize your thoughts into a logical whole, but getting there will take time and thought. Imagine that your ideas are uncut, unpolished gems that require skilled cutting and polishing to reveal their entire beauty. How do you approach it? Take into account every fact or notion you have on the subject. Make a brief summary of each point—just a word or two—and write it down. The key to writing a flawless essay is to synthesize your ideas into brief, understandable points.

A Thesis Assertion:

It is similar to navigating a labyrinth in that the process of learning how to write an essay is difficult but enlightening. As you go on, the third crucial step—writing your thesis statement—will become clear. The heart of your essay is disclosed here, establishing the foundation for the remaining arguments and viewpoints. Think of it as a compass directing readers through your world of ideas. How therefore can we succinctly express our full point of view? Similar to how you would do it for Instagram, summarize the essential points for the reader.

The Body Of Your Essay:

As you write an essay step by step, you eventually get to the point where you must write the essay’s body. It’s where the essence of your argument, the heart of your ideas, and the narrative of your beliefs are woven together into a potent language tapestry. Here, you should follow the plan that you painstakingly created previously. It serves as the outline of your ideas and aids in the precise organization of your essay. A paragraph in the body of your essay should correlate to each point in your outline, and each paragraph should present a different thought or point of contention. If your outline was influenced by web sources, do not worry. Cheapest Essay Writing Service says the skill of paraphrasing can transform the outline into a fully developed story while always keeping in mind to stick to the core theme of your subject. Each paragraph’s opening sentence might be a restated version of the outlining point, which would then flow naturally into the specifics of your defense. The processes involved in writing an essay can occasionally seem difficult, but the key is to carefully follow the instructions and keep your coherence. Writing the ideal essay becomes less frightening and more of an exciting investigation of your ideas when you use this methodical technique. Keep in mind that the essay’s body serves as the stage on which your arguments perform, capturing the interest of your reader. Ensure that you have finished the dance’s steps in order.

The Introductory Part:

How about the procedures for crafting a quality essay? The creation of the introduction is currently in the spotlight. Create a strong thesis statement and a detailed essay body. Now is the time to grab your reader’s interest right away. Consider yourself a seasoned journalist with the ability to pique the interest of your audience. Your thesis turns becomes your headline, the breaking news item you can’t wait to share with your audience. Essentially, your beginning serves as bait to pique the reader’s interest and entice them to continue reading your thoughts. It captures the essence of how to write an essay, which involves informing, involving, and captivating your audience.


We now have to wrap up this subject. After taking a few deep breaths, you should wrap up the main point of the body paragraphs. Attention! Follow the written thesis; it ought to be appropriate.

Correct & Proofread:

You are now an editor instead of a journalist. Smash it to pieces by imagining your rival did it. You should evaluate everything the same way your instructor will. Make sure the writing flows easily and correct any errors in grammar and spelling. Sort your sentences into paragraphs. The first and last sentences should be particularly powerful and pertinent to the subject and thesis statement. Make it more personal by adding your own viewpoint. Simply read it again and turn it into your professor after your internal editor has found nothing that needs to be fixed.
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