Top Food YouTubers in Dubai

Top food YouTubers in Dubai

Top Food YouTubers in Dubai


Food has sustained mankind since the dawn of time. People from different corners of the world utilized available ingredients to create gastronomical wonders – which have gone through multiple iterations to be what we see around us. 


The United Arab Emirates is home to some of the most exquisite food pleasures on the planet. The snacks we see in magazines, television, or social media – from the national dish of Khuzi to Falafel shawarma, Fatteh, and hares- tickle our taste buds. However, for a long time, the only way to enjoy authentic tastes would have been to travel to these places. Lucky for us, the top food YouTubers in Dubai are exposing the best of the UAE culinary world while teaching everything we need to make them in the comfort of our kitchen. These talented chefs and food vloggers also play a vital role in building awareness for dishes prepared worldwide.


Top food Influencers in Dubai use products from different brands in their creations, allowing brands to showcase their products in action. According to a study by the best Influencer marketing agency in Dubai, food brands are successfully scaling their ROI by switching traditional forms of advertising for Influencer marketing. 


Top Food YouTube Channels in Dubai 


Chef Omar 


Chef Omar has made the United Arab Emirates his home and is trying to revolutionize the Arabic food World with traditional cooking techniques from Syria.


Let’s see what you can expect from Chef Omar’s channel. He invites famous food experts and interviews them for their insights. He creates vlogs where he prepares food for his entire family. Furthermore, Chef Omar’s channel features Ramadan recipes, breakfast dishes, cooking tips and tricks, easy-to-learn recipes, different types of Arabic cuisines, Oriental and seafood, a wide array of traditional sweets and desserts, nonveg recipes, keto diet tips, Turkish recipes, children food tips and more.


Chef Omar’s charming and humble personality attracts food enthusiasts worldwide. The reliability this food YouTuber in Dubai personifies in his creation has made him an authority in influencing a large food community.


Sonia Barton 


The United Arab Emirates attracts food professionals from across the globe – amongst them is Sonia Barton, a recognized food vlogger and content creator of Indian origin who has been educating the UAE food community since the creation of her YouTube channel in 2010. 


Sonia prepares delicious recipes by using simplistic techniques. She guides her audience from ingredient selection to food preparation. The YouTuber is an expert in desi-style cooking. Sonia has organized her videos into a playlist. She has created multiple recipes usually prepared at popular Indian festivals like Navratri and Diwali. Furthermore, her channel covers seafood, lunch, breakfast, Chinese, Ramadan, vegetarian, shakuhachi, non-vegetarian, drinks, and seasonal recipes. Sonia Barton is amongst the top food YouTubers in Dubai to gain valuable cooking tips you can recreate for your friends and family.


Chef Shaheen 


Chef Shaheen has established his presence on YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram as one of the four most popular food content creators, chefs, and recipe developers in the United Arab Emirates. Shaheen has hosted cooking reality shows across the Middle East. His ability to educate budding chefs is unparalleled. The renowned cook has received several awards and accolades for his work in the field.


Chef Shaheen invites celebrity cooks on his channel for collaboration. He simplified recipes and experiments with different ingredients to create something new for his followers. His vast cuisines include celebrity style, healthy Arabic, pastry, soups, appetizers, and candy recipes. Chef Shaheen also covers Western cuisines and dishes prepared in five-star restaurants. 


Miza Vlog 


Next, we have Randdalati and Judideetee, aka The Datis – two of Dubai’s most popular food YouTubers, and Puran, one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the United Arab Emirates. The Duo has a strong presence on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube. The Datis has expanded its expertise into multiple verticals. They create food vlogs, interact with fellow food lovers for insights and produce cooking recipes, challenges, and pranks. Rand and Judy collaborated with other food YouTubers on foot reactions and eating challenges. By following this channel, you get many valuable content that you can use to build your own cooking arsenal of skills and expertise.


Ayesha’s Kitchen 


Ayesha Farhana from Tirur, Malappuram, in the South Indian state of Kerala, is now living in the United Arab Emirates with her family. She has created her YouTube channel, Ayesha’s Kitchen, to share her food journey with millions of subscribers.


Ayesha prepares a variety of veg and nonveg Indian recipes with roots in Malayali food culture. Her choices range from dinner, breakfast, and lunch recipes to street food and snacks. Ayesha can also prepare dairy products, snacks, and sweets enjoyed at auspicious festivals. Furthermore, Ayesha covers restaurant reviews, weight loss diets, children’s food, Malabar recipes, fish delicacies, and different forms of rice preparations. As reflected in her videos, Ayesha puts much love and effort into every dish she prepares. 


Cooking with Sariya 


Sariya brings the best of the Indian and Pakistani food culture on her channel. Her cooking utilizes traditional spices and ingredients used in these countries. Sariya prepares everything you see in her videos in her kitchen. As one of the best food YouTubers in UAE, she has her reach into Italian and Chinese cuisines. 


Sariya ensures that her love and passion for cooking are reflected in her actions. She takes special care in preparing ingredients for her fish, kebab, salad, desserts, drinks, and other dairy, veg, and non-veg recipes. Anyone with basic knowledge and a love for cooking can easily follow Sariya’s recipes.

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