Top YouTubers in India

Top YouTubers in India

Top YouTubers in India

YouTube Trends India

India is the most divergent country, with a wide range of talent engrossed in everything from high-tech cities to remote places. Similarly, with the rise of social media in India, people have started adopting career paths as content creators to grow in the digital realm. Since the launch of YouTube in 2005, people worldwide have begun vlogging – uploading videos of themselves and recording the daily insights of their personal lives.

As per the analysis by Oxford Economics, YouTube has changed the dynamics of India’s economy, learning and education, and career-making. In 2022, YouTube’s creative ecosystem contributed about ₹ 16,000+ crore to the Indian GDP, and it is expected to rise even further in the coming years. It also supported more than 7.5 lakh full-time jobs in 2022.

Being the most searched thing on Google in 2023, ‘YouTube’ has attained a prominent place in society, captivating people of all ages, from young children and teenagers to elderly people. The platform has supported millions of Indian dreams by helping them thrive and build an online community of like-minded people.

Therefore, there is no doubt that YouTube has become the source of marketing and advertising for most national and international brands in India. But what are the marketing techniques they are using to have a positive impact on their brand and enhance its growth? One such technique is YouTube Influencer Marketing.

What is YouTube Influencer Marketing?

As the name suggests, YouTube influencer marketing is a phenomenon of advertising that leverages the top YouTubers in India. Brands collaborate with the top Indian YouTubers to promote their products and increase brand awareness and credibility with the help of India’s most renowned influencer marketing agency.

As per Statista, the amount of ad spending in influencer marketing in India is projected at US$252 million in 2023 and is expected to reach US$424 million by 2027, with an annual growth rate of 13.85% (CAGR 2023-2027). So, it is evident that influencer marketing is at its peak in the Indian business market and will remain intact for a very long time.

So, here is a list of top YouTubers in India to follow for their humour, knowledge, authentic content, and a lot more. Brands can learn about these top Indian YouTubers and seek their influence to reach their target audience and enhance their online presence.

List of the Top YouTube Channels in India

Elvish Yadav

It is beyond words to describe the popularity of Elvish Yadav, who is one of the biggest YouTubers in India with a huge fan following. After winning Big Boss OTT Season 2, he created history in the journey of BB by becoming the first ever wild card contestant to win it.

He is an entertainment YouTuber who curates funny content like comic skits and hilarious mini-series. He also uploads daily vlogs showcasing his cute bond with his mother and doing entertaining activities with his friends. With such amusing content, he has accumulated average views of 3 million on his YouTube channel.

Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika is among the first India top YouTubers who started her journey as a food content creator very early. Before switching to YouTube, she used to be a food blogger, where she shared her delicious vegetarian recipes in 2007.

She started her YouTube channel in 2009 and has been a source of joy and fantastic food in many households ever since. Through her tasty recipes and cute way of delivering them, she has garnered an average of 24 million views and has become one of the most cherished and top YouTubers in India.

Total Gaming

Ajay, lovingly known as Ajju Bhai by his fans, is a gaming YouTuber with a hidden identity. He has maintained curiosity among his gaming fans, who are exhilarated to see his face. He has positioned his channel among the top YouTube channels in India with humorous gaming content.

Total Gaming is the most subscribed YouTube channel in India and is all about playing different online games such as Garena Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG, and GTA 5. Ajay is also famous for his commentary while playing all the mentioned games. His intriguing content has garnered an average of 2 million views on YouTube, making him one of the biggest YouTubers in India.

Crazy XYZ

The channel’s name absolutely resembles the content niche, as it is all about the fusion of crazy and fun. Amit, the founder of the Crazy XYZ channel, is very passionate about several things, including amazing life hacks, astonishing modifications, science experiments, and a lot more.

His most popular video is Monster Balloon vs Diesel Engine, with over 67 million views and 538K likes. Amit has accumulated a substantial subscriber base on YouTube, with an average of 3 million views, and has earned the title of best YouTuber in India.

Physics Wallah

Alakh Pandey, aka Physics Wallah, is one of the top YouTubers in India to follow if you are seeking the best lecture videos. He is the most generous person and loves teaching physics to his students. He is a teacher who puts in his best efforts to make his students shine brightly in their respective fields.

Physics Wallah is one of the top YouTube channels in India because of its informative lecture videos associated with NEET and JEE competitive exams. The channel also has a separate playlist of interviews with students who have benefited from the Physics Wallah. With such dedication, the channel has average views of 2 million on YouTube.


Dilraj Singh Rawat, aka Mr. Indian Hacker, is among the top YouTubers in India, with a massive fan following on his YouTube channel. He posts surreal but, most importantly, entertaining challenges where he performs unreal tasks with his friends.

His channel has so many videos that have crossed more than 60 million views on YouTube. Owing to his amusing and hilarious content, he has accumulated immense popularity and audience support. Thus, he has the most subscribed YouTube channel in India, with an average of 6 million views.

The Viral Fever

The Viral Fever, commonly known as TVF, is an entertainment channel where different media content creators make hilarious skit videos and original series. It is well-known for its series, such as Aspirants, Sandeep Bhaiya, Kota Factory, Yeh Meri Family, and many more.

TVF has gained significant recognition and engagement, with average views of 2 million on YouTube, and has marked its place as one of the top YouTube channels in India.


Making his place among India’s 50 most influential people, Sadhguru has changed the lives of so many people. He is the best YouTuber in India who is on a mission to positively impact and touch millions of hearts and give back to Mother Earth.

Being a mystic yogi, Sadhguru has guided many people to accelerate their spiritual journey through transformative Yogic tools and guided meditations. With his wisdom, he has garnered an average of 2 million views on his YouTube channel.

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