Why Canada Over All? [By Study Abroad Consultants in Kochi]

Why Canada Over All? [By Study Abroad Consultants in Kochi]

All those who dream of going abroad for higher studies think of the USA and the UK. Several of those people do not even think about any other nations. The USA and UK are some of the best study-abroad countries, without any doubt. But Canada is also a good option. Students who plan on going foreign do not know what prospects are hidden for them in Canada. The study abroad consultants in Kochi noticed this and gave a few reasons for the students. These reasons can help the students to learn the benefits of studying in Canada.

If any student wants to study abroad and is in a spot about which nation to choose, this article would assist him. A person who goes through these points would surely learn that Canada is also a good option for studying. Below are given few reasons that make Canada one of the best places for global studies.

5 Reasons Why Canada Is the Best Study Destination

If you are among the people who dream of going abroad for their studies but can not decide on which country to go to. This article will help you know that Canada is also better for studies. For any student who goes for global studies, the country they choose is vital. The nation that you choose to pursue your studies will also decide what kind of career you will have. Several points, should be checked before choosing your nation for foreign studies. Thus, choosing your host country is a hectic job, and for the same reason given some points that will allow you to make this process easy. The top 5 reasons below are given by the overseas education consultants in KochiThese points will explain to you all the benefits there are, if you choose Canada as your study destination.

World-Famous Universities

Canada is home to several globally known colleges such as the University of Toronto, McGill University, McMaster University, and University of British Columbia. Being home to these famous institutions makes Canada one of the best study-abroad nations. As per the study abroad consultants in Kochi, Canada is one of the nations that provide the most value to their foreign students. If a student chooses Canada, they will not face the problem of choice of courses, as the colleges there provide over 2000+ courses to their students. Canada is one of those countries that make it easy for their global students to settle without any problem. The overseas education consultants in Kochi are all asking their students to opt for Canada as their study-abroad country.

Top Tier Teaching Standards 

Many times, just having the best weapon does not make you win the battle, but having proper aim and artillery does it for you. The same is the case here, just having the top colleges does not make a country the best for studies. Things like teaching methods and rules are also vital. Therefore, Canada has made sure that along with the globally known colleges, it has opted for world-class teaching norms. This makes sure that every institute provides the best education to all the students with easy understanding and learning.

The students who are studying there say that all the colleges across the nation have the highest standards of teaching. They all provide best-in-class teaching with practical learning. All the lecture halls are loaded with top-tier technology. Now, the question that comes to mind is that how would all this help you. So, the answer to this is having the best technology at your foot allows you to put your focus on your studies. Due to this, any student can have the best learning and excel at a career.

English Is Widely Spoken

Canada is home to several people of various cultures, and due to this, it has one of the most diverse cultures. Still, Canada is among the nations with the highest English-speaking population. Any student who goes there will not have any problem expressing as, after English, lingoes like French, Spanish, Hindi, and Punjabi are also spoken there. So, the chances of a global student facing any contact problem are low. Some of the issue faced by students in their host country is, not being able to talk. This issue has a very mild chance of occurring in Canada. If you can talk smoothly, settling into a new place becomes a bit easy. For this same reason, Canada is one of the best study-abroad places for students. Any student in dilemma about choosing their foreign study nation should get some help from these points.

Numerous Career Opportunities

One of the deal-breaking factors for students while picking any college or country is the career prospects there. Many students want to know about, what the college or the country holds for them career-wise. Canada is, therefore, the best country to study in as it provides several employment options to students.

Aspirants can easily find a part-time job here. Many of the colleges offer good internships with stipends. In a gist, one could say that any student studying can have working options available to him. Thus, for this reason, global students trust Canada with their careers and choose it as their study-abroad place.

Having a top-tier college also allows Canada to host one of the biggest job fairs around the globe, where many students get employment successfully. Such practices are one of the causes why students should choose this country as their host country for their journey abroad.

Cheap Stays for International Students

Budget is one of the vital things that one looks at while planning to go abroad for studies. Many countries have even made it necessary for their students to show proof of financial stability. Canada also needs such a statement. But, the thing which separates Canada from others is that the monthly cost in Canada is lower than others in comparison. One vital part of a student’s monthly budget is the rent/hostel fee. In Canada, there are various cheap stays available for international students. People can rent a 2-bedroom apartment for just $350-480. It makes monthly budgeting very easy for students. The study abroad consultants in Kochi are predicting Canada is going to be in the top 5 countries for foreign studies.


In times like today, every student is aware of their career choices. Due to this, every student is serious about their choice of organizations and nations. Any student planning on studying abroad faces the problem of picking a destination country. It is a dull process as one needs to look at several factors before selecting their study-abroad nation. The overseas education consultants in Kochi understood this and came up with a few points that can assist the students in choosing their study abroad. These points are created by keeping in mind Canada as the host country. The above-given points will allow the students to learn the benefits of picking Canada as their study-abroad destination. These points will also help students understand what things they should look at before choosing any other country.

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