Why Dubai has the best Montessori, nursery and CBSE schools in the region?

best CBSE school

Dubai is a magnet for top notch professionals, businesspeople and all manner of workers on account of its stupendous economic opportunities and great standards of living. That is why people from around the world come to Dubai to work and live along with their families. A lot of such people come from the Indian subcontinent, so much so that they are actually more numerous than the local residents. Catering to the educational requirements of the expats living in the city are its large number of Dubai Montessori, nursery and CBSE schools.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to Montessori, nursery and best CBSE school, there’s no place like Dubai in the region. There are several reasons for that. Let’s look at these in some detail:

Why Dubai has some of the best Montessori, Nursery and CBSE schools?

1. Dubai Attracts the Best in the Education Sector to Have a Presence There

Dubai is like an oasis in the desert that it boasts world class infrastructure and industry comparable to the best anywhere, even though it offers little by way of natural resources. Its wealth and frenetic economic activity are its biggest strength and draw. It is but natural that it would also attract the best from the world of education. This is particularly true of the international schools in Dubai which have been set up by leading school chains from nations across the world.

2. The Strong Indian Connection

The number of Indians in Dubai is slightly bigger than the number of the local people and this is visible in the impact of Indians in the place’s economy. Indian’s both man some of the top management positions and also constitute a major part of the labor force working in Dubai. The education needs of the children of the millions of Indians living in Dubai necessitate the presence of a large number of Indian Montessori and Nursery schools in Dubai. This is also true of the many CBSE schools in Dubai. In any case, Indians with their culture of according huge importance to education, dominate the education scene by way of their many iconic schools like Global Indian International Schools, Springdales School and a myriad others. It would not be an exaggeration to state that they propel the school education sector in Dubai.

3. On Account of the Importance Attached to Education By the Emirate of Dubai

The global success of Dubai can be attributed to the vision and foresight of the rulers of Dubai. They pulled all the stops at making their Emirate the most remarkable place, not just in the region, but throughout the world. The leaders of Dubai also attach huge importance to providing their subjects with the best education in the world, so that they can grow and evolve into the kind of people who will become the world beaters of the future. 

That is the reason why Dubai has encouraged the very best of educational institutions to set up their schools in the emirate, allowing its residents to get an exposure to some of the best educational programs and curricula in the world.


Places like Dubai and Singapore that are not particularly well endowed with natural resources often end up punching way above their weight on account of the fact that they attempt to be exceptional at whatever they take up. While this requires a tremendous amount of hard work and discipline, it cannot occur unless people possess the right kind of expertise to excel and that can only come with the help of education.

That is the reason why Dubai, like Singapore, has always attached the highest importance to education and has encouraged the best in the sector to come and set up their schools and educational institutions there. Dubai has the best of schools representing the education systems of countries like the USA, Canada, UK and India, apart from the universally acclaimed International Baccalaureate programs. Students who complete their education in one of the top Dubai schools are as good, if not better than children who have been to one of the best schools in Dubai.

It is not surprising that many of them have obtained admission to some of the best colleges and universities anywhere in the world. That apart, the fact that Dubai is totally international in its outlook leads to a broadening of the vision and outlook of the students who study in its schools, which stands them in good stead later in their lives. As a matter of fact, receiving an education in one of the many great international schools in Dubai is a life transforming experience that turns a person into a truly global one. Going forward one can only expect Dubai to become an even more well known global education center than it currently is. It can be expected to become one of the most prominent ones going forward into the 21st century.

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